searchditto Pricing

Whether you're new to podcasting or you have loads of visitors and episodes we have a solution for you!


Audio Search for Starter Podcaster
  • Unlimited Audios
  • Unlimited Search Bars
  • Manual Transcripts Uploads
  • 50 searches per month


14 days no Credit Card Required then Month to Month Cancel any time
  • All Lite Features Plus:
  • Unlimited Searches
  • Integrated transcription service
  • Analytics: Look up searched terms on your podcast
  • Editable Transcripts
  • Contextual Search on protected content (perfect for memberships and online courses)
  • Downloadable Transcripts
  • 1 website
  • Automated Transcript button display below audios (can turn on/off) indexed by Google
  • Automated Audio Caption below audio player

Find the plan that best suits your needs:

Whether you're just getting started or are a more seasoned podcaster we got you covered!


searchditto Lite

searchditto Pro

Unlimited audios

Upload transcripts

Editable Transcripts

Unlimited Search Bars

Number of search/month



Transcription Service Available

Analytics (search terms)

Contextual Search (including protected content)

Automated Transcript button display

Automated Audio Caption display

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do, no credit card required. We want you to experience what searchditto can do for your podcast and your business. You get immediate access for 14 days. You can signup for the trial here.
searchditto supports 31 languages at the time of this writing (and they keep adding more!) Gulf Arabic (ar-AE) Modern Standard Arabic (ar-SA) Mandarin Chinese – Mainland (zh-CN) Dutch (nl-NL) Australian English (en-AU) British English (en-GB) Indian English (en-IN) Irish English (en-IE) Scottish English (en-AB) US English (en-US) Welsh English (en-WL) Spanish (es-ES) US Spanish (es-US) French (fr-FR) Canadian French (fr-CA) Farsi Persian (fa-IR) German (de-DE) Swiss German (de-CH) Hebrew (he-IL) Indian Hindi (hi-IN) Indonesian (id-ID) Italian (it-IT) Japanese (ja-JP) Korean (ko-KR) Malay (ms-MY) Portuguese (pt-PT) Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) Russian (ru-RU) Tamil (ta-IN) Telugu (te-IN) Turkish (tr-TR)

Searchditto is month to month, you can cancel anytime through the interface in just 1 click. When you cancel the search engine will stop working but you will not lose any of your content. You can download your transcripts before you cancel.

A search bar is a piece of shortcode that you can place anywhere on any page on your site and that allows the visitor of the page to enter a word or phrase to search through your entire podcast library. You can have as many as you’d like!